ATAAC Achievements
Here are some of the projects we have helped or been involved with so far:


  • Donated $350 to Melbourne Animal Rescue for Snowball the cats vet bills


  • Monthly sponsor of a dog with RSDR in Bulgaria
  • One off donation to RSDR $100
  • Friendicoes Shelter Delhi $800
  • $100 to Flicks Cat rescue donated to help Fergus' vet bill
  • WSPA $50 dollars for collars program for street dogs around the world
  • Donated $250 to Pets Haven vet bills


  • Raised nearly $10,000 for a leopard sanctuary for wildlife SOS India
  • took a large case of medical supplies, toys and blankets to Bali Adoption Rehabilitation centre, Indonesia
  • Paid for a radio spot for Animals Australia for their 'Lucy Speaks' campaign.
  • Donated $4000 to Wildlife SOS bear sanctuary Agra India


  • Donated money for two dogs to be brought out of Afghanistan and taken to USA
  • Donated to 'Turkish animal group' to enable them to rescue street dogs and transport to England
  • Donkey Shelter Inc Donkey sponsorship $200
  • Wildlife Victoria Bushfire Appeal $250
  • Turkish animal group $100
  • Edgars Mission Animal Scales Fundraiser: $250
  • Pet Rescue Australia $250
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ATAAC | Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty - Our Mission Statement


Are you interested in a cruelty free lifestyle?
We can help you!

- Info on the issues - Get the Facts

- How to go veg - Check out all the veg-friendly options!

- How to help stop animal cruelty - Start taking action now

...Got more questions? Give us a shout

We get heaps of requests from teenagers wanting help or information on many different issues, some have assignments at school they need info on, some want to know how to go veg when their parents/families are old school and dont agree with the change, and some just really hate animal cruelty and want to know how they can help. We'll try our best to provide you with all the answers for what you to need to help you out and if we dont have them, then give us a shout and we'll do our best to find it out for you. so let us know!

We are the first Australian youth group for animals run completely by youth!  We are not affiliated with any big organisations as we wanted to run this our way and promote what we thought was important, not just concentrating on a few campaigns but bringing to light as many issues as what we feel is necessary to raise awareness, including issues that are particularly close to our heart or we have special interest in.

Being independant means we can assist with protests and demonstrations of many groups and keep you informed so you'll be in the loop as well and can come help out, whether it be Live Export demos with Animals Australia, bear bile farming demos with Animals Asia, horse racing protests with 'Horse Racing Kills' anti-vivisection protests with Animal Liberation Victoria or open days at Edgars mission, we'll let you know what, where and when so YOU can be involved.


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