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The Ethics of what we eat

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The authors have discovered the link between food choices and human health, animal suffering and environmental degradation could shock and challenge you. Contains essential information on ethical, but practical shopping and dining.

Have you ever taken the organic option in the fruit shop? Ever looked in a dumpster outside a supermarket? Visited a pig farm, or a chicken shed? We make decisions about food every day, but most of us won't ever look beyond the label. Perhaps we should. In The Ethics of What We Eat Peter Singer and Jim Mason take a standard meal enjoyed by three American families and trace the ingredients back through the production process to see what ethical issues arise. From turkeys specially bred to have massive breasts so they can no longer stand up, to chickens dropped alive into boiling water; from revelations of child and forced labour on coffee plantations, to the lack of policing of the term 'organic' and the reasons why buying Australian may not always be best. The authors raise questions about people's everyday food choices and challenge us to think before we buy. After all, we must eat. On what should conscientious consumers dine? And what is all this stuff doing to our health? What Singer and Mason discover about food choices and their links to human health, animal suffering and environmental degradation will shock and challenge you. Containing essential information on ethical but practical shopping and dining, The Ethics of What We Eat will forever change the way you look at food.


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