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Although in Australia we do have stray dogs, our problem is so small compared to countries like Egypt, Greece, Turkey, China and India just to name a few, thankfully we live in a Country whereby stray dogs are not poisoned or shot on the streets.

The main thing these countries have in common is their solution to the problem and it can only be summed up in one word...cruel.

Ataac has helped many shelters that try and tackle this problem -Spare, in Cairo, Egypt is a good example of a shelter struggling against all odds to try and help the street strays. Our dear friend Amina Abaza who started Spare works tirelessly to rescue street dogs as the government’s solution to the problem is to shoot them or poison them which can takes hours for them do die.

Image RIGHT NOW, the government has ordered a mass slaughter of street dogs in Cairo and Alexandria. The killings are completely indiscriminate and the police go around the streets randomly shooting dogs, not even bothering to find out if they are pets and that not the worst part. They government has a 'one bullet' policy to save funds. Tourists and volunteers of Spare have seen firsthand the result of this policy: dogs suffering horrible extended deaths over many hours lying on the street in full view of passers-by as the 'one' bullet they were shot with did not kill the dog outright.

Amina emailed us with this heartbreaking story about 2 beautiful street dogs, jack and bandit, which happened last year and this demonstrates exactly why the Egyptian Governement's plan of ridding the streets of dogs is nothing short of barbaric.

In 1993 at Jaipur India, the organisation H.I.S (help in suffering) worked with WSPA to start the ABC program (Animal Birth Control) which has proved to be very successful. The ABC program runs like this:

·Street dogs are humanely captured, sterilized, identified with an ear notch and number tattoo, vaccinated against rabies and released back exactly where they came from.

·70% female dogs in Jaipur now sterilized and vaccinated.

· Reported incidence of human rabies cases has reduced to zero for the last several years in the area where the HIS ABC programme functions.

· Full records are kept, and each dog is returned to the same place it was captured in its own familiar territory.



To date, over 40,000 dogs have passed through the program.

We first heard about The Bulgarian Society for Animal Protection and Preservation (BSAPP) via an email we received about a special street dog called Sarka who had been beaten with pole until her back was broken.  We knew we had to help in some way and they have a great program whereby you can purchase bricks to help build their shelter. (Which we did!)

The situation in Greece is one of the worst. There are a few shelters working to try and make a difference for the street dogs, but sympathy towards animals, dogs in particular is rare.

Image To see the situation in Greece click herebut BE WARNED, the photos from this shelter are graphic and extremely cruel.

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