ATAAC | Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty - Wool

On 25th November  a wool grower by the name of Bessie Blore contacted the Imparja news who posted the link to this page link on their facebook page. This resulted in a large number of farmers contacting us. Although there were a small number of comments, private messages and emails that were written with respect and in a reasonable manner, the majority have been rude and abusive. As this is a youth group for young people to learn about animal welfare I will not let our team and supporters be subjected to taunts and abusive language. I have also sought legal advice in regards to the post on Imparja news which has resulted in the bullying towards us. I do acknowledge the farmers who contacted us and offered advice and their assistance in our information who were courteous towards us, and I thank them for that.

I also find it interesting that Bessie Blore chose not to publicly target any big organisations such as Peta or Animals Australia or many of the other groups and organisations who have wool facts, but instead targetted this youth group to bully which is run by young people who volunteer their time to raise awareness of all animal issues including wool. 



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