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First of all, the winner of our website competition of an 80gb video Ipod was HAYLEY RICHARDS of Adeleide. Congratulations Hayley!

Animals Australia have done a feature on our own Elizabeth, Girlfriend magazine and Ataac which is a great honour as they are the 2nd largest Animal organisation in Australia after the RSPCA. Check it out HERE
They also have a great new campaign, called the ACTION NETWORK specifically for volunteers so if YOU want to help animals in any way check it out and sign up NOW!

Speaking of Girlfriend, the May issue is out, and Ataac's very own Elizabeth is interviewed and in the running for Girlfriend of the year for Ataac, so if you havent done so, GET VOTING NOW! vote HERE

on sale now
We were contacted recently by a great new Australian group for animals 'SAY NO TO ANIMALS IN CIRCUSES' Go check them out and make sure you sign the petition

If your a regular visitor to our site you'll notice we've added something new. In the 'Action' section under the 'Homes Needed' in addition to our homeless pets from all over Australia, we now have our 'shelter of the month' in which we will feature a worthy shelter which really needs YOUR support. Have a look, and if you have any ideas or know of a shelter let us know, this months feature is INGRID'S HAVEN, a place for homeless cats near Melbourne came to our attention through one of our supporters who told us of Ingrid's great work with cats. Please have a look and help out if you can.


Herald-sun April 13th

MELBOURNE University is using healthy dogs - some of them pregnant - for student vet operations, then killing the animals.

The dogs are anaesthetised before students carry out surgical procedures, then put down before they are likely to regain consciousness. Read the full story HERE

Herald-sun April 16th

US animal rights activists are claiming another victory over the Australian wool industry after one of the world's largest fashion houses said it would phase out the use of wool from farms where sheep are mulesed.

German-based Hugo Boss released a statement declaring mulesed wool "contravenes our corporate values".

Read the full story HERE


After much driving and getting lost numerous times we finally found the new Soi Dog shelter in Phuket. Although it was only 9am the day was already extremely hot.
Image John the manager was there to meet us and after giving him our big bag full of medical supples (kindly donated by Vetcall), blankets, collars, leashes and lots of toys and balls (all donated by Ataac) we were given a tour around. By Australian standards, the facilities were basic, but it is clean with 2 operating rooms, a recovery room, a puppy area and a row of outdoor sheltered runs for all the street dogs luckily enough to be rescued.

There was a beautiful brown dog who was off to Italy the next day to his new home (lucky boy).

In the hospital recovery, there were 2 very sick dogs, the skinniest dogs i have ever seen, nothing more than skeletons laying in cages. One had pneumonia, the other malnorished. John assured us they would be fine with love and care.
The majority of dogs found their way to the shelter through cruelty. Most had been slashed with machetes, others had acid thrown over them.

Anyway, a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped out, I can assure you it was much appreciated by some beautiful dogs who truly appreciated everything.

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