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Ataac is currently working directly with Animals Aid Abroad to bring to attention of all animal groups, public and media an English woman who is living alone in the desert in Dahab with no water or electricity looking after stray dogs that have been shot and poisoned. PLEASE HELP if you can, we can pass on any donations to Animal Aid Abroad or you can donate directly through bank account details below. This is the media release issued 11th March.

Animal Aid Abroad Inc. Media Release March 11th, 0900 Hours [ For immediate Use]


British woman targeted and in dire condition after protecting animals in Egypt.

Government vets and Egyptian landowners [Bedouins] routinely poison and shoot publicly dogs. This unwittingly leads to the death of other animals and wildlife in Egypt.

In 2001 British teacher Janet Johnson was horrified by the animal cruelty whilst holidaying in Egypt.

Ms Johnson initially pleaded with the government and other international welfare agencies to improve animal rights and cease the killings.

After being given no support she felt impelled to do something herself.

Initially, she started protecting the dogs by keeping them in ‘safe'houses' and creating a "cocktail" to prevent the effect of the poison. However, as the poisoning campaign continued and the number of dogs being rescued increased Janet had no choice but to move the dogs to a remote valley in the desert to ensure their safety.

She now lives there alone in a remote desert valley with no electricity and water in basic conditions.

She funds this shelter from her own savings with no donations or support.

After 5 years her savings have run out. Animal Aid Abroad is appealing for funds from businesses or private donations.

Photographs of Janet's current situation and more detailed information about her and her dogs can be transmitted. Below are contact details of two Cairo representatives who recently visited Janet in the desert.

Funding support can be sent to the Commonwealth Bank:

Animal Aid Abroad-Dahab Dog Fund

BSB: 06 6103

Account No: 10242097

Swift Code: CTBAAU2S

This will provide immediate relief and support to this dire situation Janet and her dogs are in.

Contact [Australia]

Janet Thomas


Animal Aid Abroad Inc

Perth, Western Australia

Ph. 08 9385 9008

Mob: 0400107 399


Other contacts [ Egypt]

Janet Johnson mobile: (002) 0162450282

Mona Khalil mobile (002) 0122188823/0105522930 email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Amina Abaza mobile: (002) 0162728891/0123162912 email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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