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This is Splenda-

You may have seen it in the supermarket, you might even have it at home. well have a look at how they tested this product. all for the sake of a low fat sweetener:

A Splenda Way to Die!

In a time when obesity has seen a dramatic increase, diabetes is plaguing more and more children, and doctors are warning people to cut down on their sugars, sugar giant Tate and Lyle, with the aid of McNeil Specialty Products (a division of Johnson and Johnson) came up with a sweetener 600 times more potent than real sugar! Now where do you think you go to test "safe" a product as "important" Sucralose (also called Splenda) – Huntingdon Life Sciences, of course.

Huntingdon played a big role in the testing that took place to bring this garbage product to the market. An estimated 12,800 animals died in the process according to a published report in a recent scientific journal.

Some of the more gruesome details revealed:
• 32 beagle dogs were locked in metal cages for 52 weeks. They were given Sucralose mixed in with their normal feed, and blood and urine samples were collected. At the end of the study they were killed by means of exsanguiation - they had their throats slit open and bled to death. They were then cut open and their organs - by now drained of blood so easier to dissect - were examined to test the product's toxicity levels.
• Four beagle puppies (or as HLS calls them – punching bags) were starved before being force-fed the super-sweet sugar powder. HLS employees then took blood samples from the jugulars of the infant dogs.
• An unspecified number of marmoset monkeys either died from the poisoning or were killed at the termination of the research at HLS.
• The report states that 12 of these monkeys, which were babies – under 10 months old – were force-fed Sucralose for seven weeks. Two of the primates died on the seventh day from brain defects, another primate was mysteriously killed after four weeks, and the remainder all were murdered at the completion of the seventh week. Some of the recorded observations from this study noted "in appetence, body weight loss, unwillingness to use hind leg, hopping, involuntary grip reflexes, salivation and subdued mood."
• Huntingdon also used rabbits to study the effects of the product. These little animals were given 1200 times the expected daily intake and not surprisingly most died from the trauma. Many of the other rabbits suffered from convulsions, weight loss, and various intestinal disorders.
• Huntingdon also tested the product on pregnant rabbits, mice, and rats – killing both the mothers and the fetuses.

All in all, just another customer-sponsored project at HLS. All this pain and death for the sake of bringing to the market a sweetener that can make your ice-cream or jam 600 times sweeter. This sort of testing really should give you pause to think, and possibly send off a thank you note to HLS for all the important contributions they are making to the world.

Here's the link for the Australian site of SPLENDA

Angry after reading this? Show them how angry you are!
Write, email, fax Splenda and tell them why we WILL NOT be purchasing Splenda products in the future

We demand action be taken against Splenda to show that this disgusting use of 'science' is in no way acceptable.

There is an organisation committed to closing down Huntington Life Sciences where these experiments as well as hundreds of other equally horrific useless testing on animals takes place for really important products (NOT) such as oven cleaner and washing powders. SHAC holds demonstrations, protests and marches regularly in England, Europe and U.S.A. Check out their website HERE. Want to see how the 'scientists' at H.L.S treat the dogs they experiment on? watch THIS but BE WARNED its going to make you really mad. (no medical procedure shown, this video shows the treatment of beagle dogs and puppies by the scientists)

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