ATAAC | Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty - From Adelaide to Perth - Ban Live Exports!

Hayley Richards - ATAAC Ambassador Against Live Export - reporting from Port Adelaide, South Australia

On the third of September,hundreds of passionate South Australian's came together for the third day in a row to fight for the justice of the victims of the live export trade.

It is inspiring to see such a fantastic turnout, especially considering this is the seventh anti-live export protest in South Australia this year!


This is proof we will not stop fighting until this terrible trade is banned, and that we will not be disheartened by the Government's failure to consciously support the bill to ban live exports in August.

Sadly, today was the day where 67,000 sheep were being reloaded back on board another ship after the original vessel broke down 2 weeks ago.

Considering 300 sheep died during the first loading after only 10 days on the ship, there is no doubt that thousands more will die during their three week voyage to the extremely hot and humid Middle Eastern summer.

The new ship - the Al Shuwaikh - is believed to have an even worse track record for mortalities and breakdowns than the first vessel. 5800 sheep died during one voyage!

These facts are far from comforting, knowing that these innocent animals are going to die in such a horrible way in such large numbers.

As they are out at sea, dead carcasses will literally surround the surviving sheep.

It is purely heartbreaking, and I have felt the physical effects of this knowledge over the past few weeks since becoming more proactive with the current export dilemmas.

At the same time I also feel lucky to be apart of the rallies in Adelaide; to be a voice and a body for the animals.

I am kept somewhat comforted knowing that I am doing all I can to help the animals and to put an end to this barbaric industry.

Today's rally was somewhat different to the previous, as each of us brought a bunch of flowers to help form a beautiful flower memorial that created a great visual impact.

The flowers, along with messages of condolences, were placed at the entrance to the ship's dock, as a means to pay our respects to these animals as well as those who have suffered over the past 30 years.

Thankfully, there was a fantastic range of media coverage- channels 7,9,10 and ABC were all present to capture the action of the protesters as well as the passing export trucks, which contained up to 800 crammed and fearful sheep.

Chants such as "shame Gillard shame", "we won't stop ‘till the cruelty stops" and "if you wantour vote, stop the boat" were sung with passion.

Soon enough, the exporting trucks postponed their presence at the location while the media and protesters were there.

It is clear that this could only be due to the fact they are fearful of public scrutiny, as they are regularly reminded of the brutality of their trade- and so they should!

After watching the story presented on channel 9 news, I was slightly upset by the way in which the media can easily twist and manipulate stories in a way to make them sound somewhat more interesting and dramatic.

Apparently we were "creating a human blockade" to prevent the trucks from entering the loading docks, which is far from the truth.

It is words like these that attach a negative stigma to animal rights protesters, making us sound like loonies!

We are really just compassionate people who give a damn about animals, and creating a more ethical outcome for them, while at the same time we try our best to get our voices heard in a peaceful manner.

‘Lynn' the lamb,was brought along to the rally and proved a crowd favourite especially with the media.

Lynn, whom has been named accordingly as a tribute to Animals Australia's Lyn White, was rescued by Mother and daughter- Kym Henley and Kelly Ellul 2 months ago from a livestock farm.

Lynn was a twin lamb who was rejected by his Mother, and the farm did not want to ‘waste' their money on raising him.

Lucky for Lynn, he fell into the arms of two compassionate ladies, where he will be safe forever at their home.Kym and Kelly are also the co-founders of Vegan Online, which is an excellent site that stocks hundreds of cruelty-free goodies all in one place.

My dog ‘Mischa' who often accompanies me at the rallies was very fond of Lynn, even more so than he was of the other dogs.Here are some pictures of them sussing each other out- too cute!

Overall, today was a great success, and it attracted a great crowd of support.

We can only hope and pray that today will be the last time we must gather to have our voices heard to stop more unnecessary suffering occurring.

There is still a lot of work to be done, and we must not give up hope as we are the voices for these animals.

Please continue to keep up the pressure, by informing your local MP that we want live exports banned, and also that you would like them to re-assess their stance on the issue to support the ban if they do not.

Click here to see where your MP stands, and contact them to make sure that they are aware that this issue will not be forgotten until we are heard.

The sheep have just arrived in the port in Perth.

I will now hand over to Tam for developments, who is covering the protest in Western Australia.

Tam Barron - passionate supporter for the ban of live animal Export and ATAAC member - reporting from Perth, WA

Sunny Perth was the perfect set for the protest against the treatment of 67,000 sheep aboard the Al Shawaikh today.

Around 80 people had gathered to unite against The Live Export Trade and the horrendous treatment of these animals.

The atmosphere was one of compassion, friendship and concern.

What do the Live Exporters fear? Exposure by informed people!

However it seems the Al Shawaikh was not prepared to appear in the public eye and dock and as of two hours ago has arrived in the port of Freemantle.

The delay has only made the group more determined and are re-grouping tomorrow (7/9/11) at 11am.

Three Live Export farmers were present during todays gathering, lurking in the background.

However, once the crowd began to leave, a fellow protester Julie was verbally abused by them as she walked to her vehicle.

Once Julie had alerted us to this the farmers made a quick getaway, obviously not prepared to abuse the large crowd.

I made many new friends today who were friendly, intellegent and extremely well educated on the topic of Live Export.

I look forward to stand up for the animals tomorrow, who so desperately need our voices. Please join me if you are free!



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