ATAAC | Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty - Ban Live Export Rallies

Demonstrations were held in every major capital city, with ATAAC ambassadors making their presence felt in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Here, reporters from each protest share their experience!

Melbourne: Elizabeth Anile, ATAAC Director

Nice and early on Sunday morning (okay, it was 10.30 but that's likeable to dawn for a university student!) I, along with tens of thousands of other like-minded Victorians, gathered on the steps of Parliament house in Melbourne to demand change. It is the biggest demonstration I have ever participated in.

The mood was evident. We were angry. We were passionate. And we weren't going to let Australian animals bear the brunt of party politics any longer.

Animals Australia director Lyn White gave a spine tingling speech that brought many to tears on numerous occasions. Speaking from the heart and not from any notes in front of her, her passion and sorrow were harrowing. You could see the pain in her eyes as she recounted her stories from Indonesia and more recently, Turkey.

Her eyes mirrored those of the animals she helplessly watched meet their demise. I could feel their pain through her sorrow. I could see the poor, confused cow lift her head, look around, and ask why, through her words.

These animals stories will never be forgotten. For an angel by the name of Lyn is here to liberate their processors. We are here to make sure this happens.

Do not forget your rage. Do not forget your passion. Email/Call/Write a letter/Make an appointment with your MP here . Whichever method you feel most comfortable with. Tell them it's time they represent their constituents and ban live export.

As Lyn White said, it's not a matter of if but it's a matter of when live exports will be banned.

This isn't about animal rights. This is about correcting human wrongs.

Elizabeth with Timmy the lamb we rescued in 2007! Now under the care of Pam at Edgar's Mission and the face of the Ban Live Export campaign.


Adelaide: Hayley Richards, Anti Live Export Ambassador

Yesterday, around 1500 compassionate South Australians gathered together to show their support to put an end to the Live Export Trade.The weather couldn't have been any kinder for the rally which took part along the River Torrens banks of Elder Park in Adelaide.It was extremely heart warming to witness so many people who care about the lives of another species just as much as ourselves.

As a volunteer of Animals Australia, I wandered the crowds handing out information on the matter as well as informing those who want to keep up to date on the current issues effecting Australian animals.

An Animals Australia stall was also set up where more than 1120 letters to federal MPs and a similar number of signatures on petition pages were collected. MP phone numbers were also provided so people could flood their message banks with words of support to the ban.

There was definitely a warm vibe felt throughout the crowd as everyone shared emotions of sympathy, empathy, sadness and passion for these conscious beings.

Appearances and speeches on the day included a recorded speech from Animal Australia's Lyn White, who couldn't make it to the Adelaide rally as she was making live appearances at both the Sydney and Melbourne rallies that day.There were tears of sorrow and comforting arms scattered throughout the crowds.Many felt the intensity of the pain and suffering that was retold by Lyn as she described the mistreatment of our animals in numerous awful experiences documented overseas in Indonesia and The Middle East.


On a large screen there were the best of the virtual protests conducted towards Julia Gillard played which were produced by various live export activists as a more effective means to get their message across.



Even though the rally was a great success, the protest is not over yet.This Thursday August 18, a bill will be put forward in Federal Parliament that will decide the destiny of the trade.This week is an extremely crucial period to help get your message across to your local MP to inform them that a total ban of live exports is what the people whom they represent want. To see where your local MP stands for the vote, and to inform them of your opinion click here.As Lyn White reinforced "No phone call you make, no email or letter that you send, no petition that you deliver will be wasted this week".


Sydney: Nami Gohil, Ambassador for Native Animals

Sydney's Ban Live Export rally had a great turnout in Martin Place!

Everyone who attended was filled with determination and passion to help end one of Australia's cruelest trades.


Speakers such as Peter Stevenson, the EU Policy Advisor, commented on Australia's international reputation being at stake, along with Senator Lee Rhiannon.

Lyn White flew up from the Melbourne rally and gave an emotional, yet courageous speech, leaving many with tears in their eyes.

At many times a chorus of "Ban live export!" broke out during her speech saluting Lyn White's work and devotion


The band, The Black Spurs, also entertained us with their poignant song, ‘It Ain't Right'. It was wonderful to see so many individuals fighting for the justice of animals.

I hope the Australian parliament vote for the legislation ending live export once and for all, as it is heartbreaking to hear such innocent creatures, being abused and tortured by humans.


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