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SharkFinning: Tradition or just plain cruelty?

As a child growing up with an Asian culture, I was basically led tobelieve that shark fin soup was just another delicacy on the menu.

I admit tohaving admired it as a young child and even demanding it when we'd go out andhave dinner on special occasions, although obviously I was not aware of thecruelty behind this disgusting yet operative industry.

It was only until I was of an understanding age that my mum told me about the facts and inhumane treatment of the sharks and slaughter process and from that day onwards I have never touched a bowl of shark fin soup.

So is shark finning a prominent part of Asian culture and tradition or is it really just plain cruelty?

Shark fin was originally consumed by the higher class Chinese in 960 AD during the Sung Dynasty to symbolise their wealth, it is now many generations later.

Don't you think society and human beings should by now be more civilized than the Chinese village people from hundreds of years ago?

Shark finning involves the cutting off of theshark's fin then discarding the shark carcass into the ocean.

Often the shark is still conscious, and unableto swim without its fin; the shark slowly sinks to the bottom of the ocean dying a slow and painful death.

And on top of this, the shark may be eaten alive bybottom feeders on the ocean floor.

Does this sound humane to you? Is it really necessary for sharks to go through this just for a bowl of ordinary soup?

The shark finning industry kills around 200,000 sharks each day usually in unmonitored areas of the ocean meaning that fisherman are able to fish for large numbers of sharks a day.

Much of the shark fin yield is then used for shark fin soup, traditional medicines and may also be processed to be used as ingredients in cosmetics and even skin careproducts.

According to researchdone by scientists, shark meat and fin holds no nutritional value and even contains very high amounts of mercury which can cause symptoms such as insomnia, nausea and muscular atrophy.

Shark fin is also known for its bland and flavourless taste.

So now you know that shark finning is cruel, inhumane, and pointless and that consuming of shark fin can even be intoxicating to the humanbody.

Now you can form your own opinion on the issue, do you think its natural, necessary or even important for these amazing creatures to be slaughtered at such a rapid rate?

As for me, I will never support this horrific industry until the day I die.

My belief is that as human beings in the 21st century, we must learn to understand that animals are conscious creatures just like ourselves and they do not deserve to be eaten purely for our pleasure.

Change must happen in order to save these beautiful and sentient creatures and actions taken by strong individuals and communities are the only hope for the lives of many innocent sharks.

This sadistic industry must end and it is up to us to make a difference for the ecosystem, for the oceans and for the world.

If you would like to read up on more facts,please visit:

The Australian Anti Shark Finning Alliance (don't forget to sign the petition on the homepage)

Sharkwater- Shark education

Sea Shepherd- Shark Finning

You can also help by boycotting and sending a letter or email to businesses that still sell shark fin and shark fin soup ontheir menu and telling them just how you feel about the issue, just visit TAASFA's ‘Wall of Shame' and take your pick:

You can also join the facebook group of The Australian Anti Shark Finning Alliance to show your support.!/pages/The-Australian-Anti-Shark-Finning-Alliance/204493499580558

Thanks for reading! I hope you have been motivated to make a difference,

Cara (Marine Animals Ambassador)

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