ATAAC | Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty - Japan Commences Their Annual Dolphin Slaughter

According to the BBC and many local reports, 100 bottlenose dolphins and 50 pilot whales have been rounded up for either slaughter or to be sold to aquariums around the world.

The massacre is allowed to continue every year as the dolphins basically have no protection under the rules of the International Whaling Commission. According to the IWC, dolphins are not considered as whales because they are too small.
However you don't have to be a scientist to know that dolphins and whales are all in the same family, along with porpoises, known as Cetaceans. Regardless of size, the dolphin is a whale and it shouldn't be excluded from protection.

According to TakePart a Japanese official has announced that instead of being slaughtered for meat, 50 of the dolphins will be handpicked for aquariums and the rest will be released back into the wild
If this is true, this is amazing news!
Apparently this is in response to the outcry that The Cove has generated in the international circuit.

It is unclear however whether this will continue for the remainder of the hunting season which ends in Australia's autumn next year.
We will keep you updated as more things come through.

In the meantime feel free to do your own research:
Follow The Cove on Twitter. They have regular updates and heaps of links to click on.
Also, follow ATAAC on Twitter and become a fan on facebook if you're haven't already to keep informed on updates.
Visit to learn more and sign the petition.
And lastly, go and watch The Cove at the movies! It will literally change your life.


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