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Dolphin slaughter in Taiji
Dolphin slaughter in Taiji

Cheers were heard worldwide when the news came through that Broome had voted unanimously to sever their ties with Taiji. An emergency meeting of the council was held after they received thousands of letters and emails from around the world.

Louis Psihoyos, director of The Cove, said, "Broome residents took a courageous stand and I commend them. This is a win not only for the Japanese people and the dolphins but for the people of Broome who realized they have the power to change a horrible wrong. We all do."

I asked Ric O'Barry for his reaction and he said, "I feel we are one step closer to abolishing the world's largest dolphin slaughter. Thank you Broome, Australia"

This is hopefully a big step in getting the slaughters stopped. Now that word is out about what is going on in the cove, people can no longer look the other way and pretend they don't know what's going on. Nor will the Japanese representative at the International Whaling Commission be able to sit in his seat and declare that he knows nothing of this.

There are many heroes in this story. In no particular order, there is the film crew who brought the footage to the world for everyone to see. They took many risks to get the film they shot, much of it done in the darkness of night. The people of Broome who are standing up for what they know is wrong. The two gentlemen in the film The Cove who brought to light the fact that highly toxic dolphin meat was being served at Japanese schools to children as part of their compulsory lunch program, and who subsequently lost their jobs. They are all to be commended for they live with honor. The 26 fishermen who partake in the dolphin drives do not live with honor.

The push to get the captures and slaughters must be stopped. If you have not signed the petition, please do so now. It only takes a moment and we can all make a difference.

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