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ATAAC Achievements
Here are some of the projects we have helped or been involved with so far:


  • Donated $350 to Melbourne Animal Rescue for Snowball the cats vet bills


  • Monthly sponsor of a dog with RSDR in Bulgaria
  • One off donation to RSDR $100
  • Friendicoes Shelter Delhi $800
  • $100 to Flicks Cat rescue donated to help Fergus' vet bill
  • WSPA $50 dollars for collars program for street dogs around the world
  • Donated $250 to Pets Haven vet bills


  • Raised nearly $10,000 for a leopard sanctuary for wildlife SOS India
  • took a large case of medical supplies, toys and blankets to Bali Adoption Rehabilitation centre, Indonesia
  • Paid for a radio spot for Animals Australia for their 'Lucy Speaks' campaign.
  • Donated $4000 to Wildlife SOS bear sanctuary Agra India


  • Donated money for two dogs to be brought out of Afghanistan and taken to USA
  • Donated to 'Turkish animal group' to enable them to rescue street dogs and transport to England
  • Donkey Shelter Inc Donkey sponsorship $200
  • Wildlife Victoria Bushfire Appeal $250
  • Turkish animal group $100
  • Edgars Mission Animal Scales Fundraiser: $250
  • Pet Rescue Australia $250

friendicoes_ambulanceNight ambulance for friendicoes shelter in Delhi India


  • we purchased a night ambulance for friendicoes shelter in Delhi India (above)
  • Donated $1000 to Animal Aid Abroad to help them establish a shelter in Alexandria Egypt
  • Buying bricks to help build the only dog/cat shelter in Bulgaria and sponsoring a dog monthly.
  • Helping Animals Asia with their giant banner to end bear bile farming that toured Australia
  • Sponsoring an ex-dancing bear in Agra India with Free the Bears $270
  • Rescuing and sponsoring a new born baby lamb (who was stranded on the side of the road) and is now living a great life and become the public/media face against the Live Export trade at Edgars Mission Farm Sanctuary (Go Timmy!).
  • Having dinner with Peta Asia to discuss animal welfare in Australia and ways to help us improve our efforts of creating awareness.
  • Getting advice from Dan Matthews (Vice President of Peta U.S.A) who told us that the YOUTH of the world has the greatest power to stop animal abuse and promote animal rights
  • Spending the morning with Paul Watson on board the sea shepherd discussing the Japanese resuming whaling in 2008 (watch our video interview coming soon)
  • Joining up with beautiful singer/songwriter Maria Daines to raise worldwide awareness for her group 'Justice for Regina' who was a gentle street dog in spain horrifically tortured to death in the most brutal way imagineable
  • Donated $1000 to Animal Aid Abroad to help them establish a shelter in Alexandria Egypt
  • Bulgarian Society for Animal Protection and Preservation 20 euros per month
  • Victorian Canine Rescue $500


  • Working with Amina Abaza from Spare in Egypt by providing food/medical supplies, toys for the stray cats and dogs, and fundraising $1000 (as well as volunteering there during a holiday).
  • Spent the day volunteering at the 'David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust' in Nairobi Kenya, which is a baby elephant orphanage and spent an hour with Daphne Sheldrick learning about elephant and black rhino protection in Africa, (we also took over essential oils to calm the baby elephants suffering trauma who had witnessed their mothers slaughter for their ivory tusks)
  •  fundraising ($500) for Soi Dog rescue Thailand with medical supplies and toys we took over there
  • A dog rescue in Melbourne where we intervened when a puppy was going to be shot by a farmer as it was the runt of the litter, we worked with Victorian Canine Rescue to get him rehabilitated and re-homed.
  • Donating money for Ki the german shepherd to have eye surgery so he could be re-homed and not be blind $500
  • Fundrasing to help the makers of 'Behind the Mask' with their new movie project 'Skin Trade' (on the fur industry) with our friend the lovely Shannon Keith $280
  • When we saw Miss Connie singer of Sneaky Sound System at the 2007 Arias wearing a fur vest we contacted her manager explaining how animals are killed for their fur and suggesting she watch videos we had included. After speaking to Connie regarding our letter we received a reply. Here is an extract: "after much soul searching we have now come to the decision that she will not even wear fake fur in the future. The last thing we want is for people to be under the assumption that she would even consider to wear real fur. Connie does not want to be seen to be supporting this industry and it goes against her beliefs" A great victory for animals and Ataac and shows that our voice CAN be heard!

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