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Thanking the Monkey- Rethinking the way we treat animals

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This award winning book is one of the best we've seen, its choc full of great pics, cartoons, info, celebs and all the info you'll ever need to know.

Exactly as the title describes: a new manifesto of-sorts, covering the entire, broad-ranging spectrum of the animal rights movement, from wearing leather and eating meat to animal testing and the use of animals in the entertainment industry. Smart and well-argued, it's animal rights for a new generation - easy to read, accessible, and packed with cartoons, celebrity-endorsements, and practical tips along with the serious facts and figures. Endorsed by renowned writers such as J. M. Coetzee and Gloria Steinem as well as pop culture icons and hot young musicians, this is the 'ultimate primer' for the whip-smart, socially committed, and sound-bite-soaked generation.


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  • 18 Apr 2019
    UPDATE from story we posted about recently below-!!!
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