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Beyond The Cage

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Introduced by Suzie Wilks, this DVD introduces the ethical and scientific arguments against the use of animals in research and forms an ideal basis for discussion on this highly controversial issue.


We are becoming increasingly aware of the many ways in which animals are exploited in today’s society, yet never before have we used them in such vast numbers nor exposed them so such confinement and cruel practices than we do today.
Every year, hundreds of millions of animals are used around the world in experiments. They are induced with diseases, driven insane, electric shocked, blinded, concussed, burned, drowned and dismembered-all in the name of human health and well being.
It’s not an issue that most people like to think about let alone address. We can argue that its cruel, that its unethical and that and that we should respect animals and afford them rights , but when we are involved in a debate with researchers, or with parents of children born with genetic defects or who have terminal cancer, every ethical argument is cast aside. Children are considered more and important and we are dismissed as caring more for animals than for people. Animal experiments are thus considered a ‘necessary evil’ and are kept hidden behind closed doors-and animals continue to suffer in silence.
The Australian Association for humane research is strongly opposed to the use of animals in research on both ethical and scientific grounds. We hope that the interviews and scientific experts featured on this DVD will convince you that animal experimentation is NOT a necessary evil and that instead it is a dangerous science.

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