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Wednesday, 29 February 2012
2. Should We Eat Animals
Presents views that support and discredit the value of eating meat and discusses killing for food.
Wednesday, 29 February 2012
3. Puppy Farming
(Facts - Animal Issues/Animals We Exploit)
... method. Pet's Haven in Victoria are no kill, as are Lort Smith Animal Hospital. 6) State governments starting to make improvements to regulations for micro chipping and breeding. E.g. QLD about to introduce ...
Monday, 26 November 2012
4. Ban the whip!
... to race on its premier racecourse, Ovrevoll.Members of the new anti-whip alliance, nonetheless, judge that a campaign with an international dimension will hasten the end of the use of the whip as a device ...
Wednesday, 04 April 2012
 GOOD NEWS FOR THE LION CUBS!     The Darling Downs Zoo in Queensland intended to send two darling lion cubs, Spike and Spot, to the circus. If all went to plan, the two cubs ...
Wednesday, 04 April 2012
International Protest Against Seal Clubbing - Melbourne - Wed 14th March Facebook event invite HERE more details to come.
Wednesday, 14 March 2012
7. Native Animals
(Facts - Animal Issues/Animals We Exploit)
... anything 4.Seek advice – the following recue groups can help 24/7 and are great in assisting emergencies related to native animals. SPECIAL NOTE: If you find an injured snake do not handle ...
Tuesday, 28 February 2012
International No More Whips Campaign Launch in Victoria Launch of the International No More Whips Campaign Saturday, February 25 at 11am at Caulfield Racecourse, Victoria > Facebook Event  ...
Saturday, 25 February 2012
... YES, Bring your kids ♥ YES, Bring your family ♥ YES, Bring your dogs ♥ (Please note dogs have to be on a leash) BYO Picnic Lunch / Afternoon Tea Park 27, Site 3 ...
Saturday, 25 February 2012
... in the water against each of their motorized boats. As the fishermen begin to strike the metal poles viciously, a loud sound is produced, frightening and causing panic and frustration among the dolphins. ...
Wednesday, 22 February 2012
... a row to fight for the justice of the victims of the live export trade. It is inspiring to see such a fantastic turnout, especially considering this is the seventh anti-live export protest in South Australia ...
Wednesday, 07 September 2011
... their motorized boats. As the fishermen begin to strike the metal poles viciously, a loud sound is produced, frightening and causing panic and frustration among the dolphins. In order to escape ...
Tuesday, 30 August 2011
... it was 10.30 but that's likeable to dawn for a university student!) I, along with tens of thousands of other like-minded Victorians, gathered on the steps of Parliament house in Melbourne to demand change. ...
Thursday, 18 August 2011
14. Altona Youth Week
Do you live in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne and are against Animal Cruelty? Come on down! ATAAC will be one of the guest speakers at Youth Week at the Altona Library in Melbourne. It will be a ...
Saturday, 02 April 2011
... - certainly not through any fault of his own! Ferdi is litter trained and is a pleasure to have in your home. He will make his forever family very happy! Adoption fee: $200 Location: Victoria Desexed: ...
Tuesday, 19 October 2010
Over 50 animal welfare groups across Victoria united last Sunday to give the puppies in puppy farms a voice.Thousands of people attended in what would be a historical day for animal welfare advocates. ...
Tuesday, 28 September 2010
17. Great News!
... girl finds a new home. With all of your fabulous support we are so pleased to announce Bella now lives with a very caring man in Ringwood, Victoria. This isn't the first time ATAAC has helped to rehome ...
Thursday, 16 September 2010
... Melbourne. Guest Speakers include: Derryn Hinch Moira Rayner (Lawyers for Animals) Sue Pennicuik (Greens MLA) Now is your chance to be a voice for the dogs imprisoned in Victoria's puppy factories. ...
Monday, 13 September 2010
A huge victory for the bulls in Spain as Barcelona becomes the first Spanish region to ban bullfighting!Regional lawmakers voted 68-55 in favour of the ban. This was supported by 180,000 signatures from ...
Wednesday, 28 July 2010
... better for pigs." Coles Finest free range pork was to be made available in 60 Coles Supermarkets in ACT, NSW and Victoria from today, the chain's statement said. The range would be expanded to other ...
Wednesday, 21 July 2010
21. Help End Jumps Racing!
The 2010 jumps racing season commenced this week and has already claimed its first victim, Sirrocean Storm... Whilst Racing Victoria has undertaken measures to improve the safety of jumps racing, this ...
Thursday, 06 May 2010
... them until they are adopted. WHERE? Address: 6/130 High St Woodend, Victoria Phone: (03) 5427 3603 Email: Monday to Wednesday 9.00am to 5.30pm Thursday 9.00am ...
Tuesday, 16 February 2010
... a number of PetRescue's Victorian-based rescue groups. Volunteers will be forming "rescue committees' for dogs that have been in foster care for some time. In order to try to find a Valentine for ...
Monday, 08 February 2010
24. Contact
P.O Box 708 Williamstown 3016 Victoria  Australia Send us a message Have a question? Give us a shout and we'll do our best to help you.  ...
Wednesday, 25 November 2009
25. Terms of Service
Standard Terms of Service We abide by all Australian laws such as the Fair Trading Act, Australian Trade Practices Act, Australian Security and Investment Commission Act, Privacy Act, Cybercrime Act, ...
Wednesday, 25 November 2009
26. END Toro Júbilo
... tremendous stress - all while spectators cheer and run around the victim. Although we are too late to save this years bull, lets hope everyone gets on board by 2010 to stop this barbaric and cruel ...
Monday, 16 November 2009
27. World Animal Day
On Sunday the 4th of October, the amazing Pam Ahern of Edgar's Mission is holding World Animal Day. And you're invited! Head down to 365 McHarg's Road, Willowmavin, Victoria, only an hour drive ...
Wednesday, 30 September 2009
28. Eye on red meat
HERALD SUN MARCH 19th EATING excessive amounts of red meat can make you blind, particularly if you gorge on salami, Victorian research has found. A study involving 6734 Melbourne people ...
Friday, 20 March 2009
For farm animals, please contact DPI emergency hotline 136186 For injured wildlife -Wildlife Victoria 13000 94535 For wildlife and domestic, please call RSPCA 9224 2222  ...
Tuesday, 24 February 2009
... Against Duck Shooting Campaign Director, Laurie Levy, said: "Premier John Brumby today became Victoria's equivalent of America's rootin', tootin' and shootin' Sarah Palin. "Premier Brumby's ...
Tuesday, 24 February 2009
... that makes it easy for humans to exploit and therefore they are the bullied victims in society. Passive and considerate humans are often targeted as well. Why do you think the human race feels the need ...
Wednesday, 06 August 2008
...  DON'T IGNORE ANIMAL CRUELTY Animal Liberation NSW( "1800 Animal Cruelty Hotline",) has introduced,and is operating a free service throughout Australia ...
Saturday, 02 August 2008
NO says the Victorian State Government. The State Government has rejected a plan to turn culled kangaroos into pet food, saying it would constitute commercial harvesting. Southern Grampians ...
Friday, 04 July 2008
... who originally backed the zoo plan, left the door open for other offers for a theme park in Victoria, which he said would bring in billions of dollars for the state. "There is a gap in Victoria's ...
Friday, 04 July 2008
Victorian Government finally has enough of jump racing? Jumps racing has long been a problem within the Victorian turf industry and the State Government has just about had enough as it continues with ...
Sunday, 22 June 2008
... Amorosi, and international celebrities like Natalie Portman. Victorian singer Xavier Rudd took the title in the men's division, beating fellow musician John Butler and Australian Idol host Andrew ...
Friday, 20 June 2008
... governing the use of game meat made it necessary to bury the carcasses rather than use the meat, he said. But Australian Deer Association Victorian president Max Rheese said his members had offered ...
Friday, 20 June 2008
... the full story HERE Herald-sun April 16th US animal rights activists are claiming another victory over the Australian wool industry after one of the world's largest fashion houses said it would ...
Tuesday, 15 April 2008
39. Change Your Life NOW
(Facts - Cruelty Free Living/Nutrition)
... about a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle VEGETARIAN NETWORK VICTORIA  ...
Saturday, 08 March 2008
40. Achievements
... Shelter Inc Donkey sponsorship $200 Wildlife Victoria Bushfire Appeal $250 Turkish animal group $100 Edgars Mission Animal Scales Fundraiser: $250 Pet Rescue Australia $250 Night ambulance ...
Monday, 21 January 2008
41. Our Mission Statement
... demos with Animals Australia, bear bile farming demos with Animals Asia, horse racing protests with 'Horse Racing Kills' anti-vivisection protests with Animal Liberation Victoria or open days at Edgars ...
Monday, 21 January 2008
42. Wool
(Facts - Animal Issues/Animals We Wear)
... a youth group for young people to learn about animal welfare I will not let our team and supporters be subjected to taunts and abusive language. I have also sought legal advice in regards to the post on ...
Monday, 07 January 2008
43. Bear Baiting
(Facts - International Animal Issues/Animals On The Land)
... claws and teeth removed, they are then tied to a post and set upon by vicious dogs. This is all done for entertainment. A bear is forced to fight anytime from 3 years old upwards. most die between ...
Monday, 07 January 2008
44. Dissection
(Facts - Animal Issues/Animals We Test On)
... has up to date information and alternatives to experimenting on animals. They are also available for advice and further information on 03 8823 5703 or As always – we ...
Monday, 07 January 2008
45. Rodeos
(Facts - Animal Issues/Animals We Exploit)
... broken from the spine and at times puncturing the lungs." In Victoria it is compulsory to have a veterinarian in attendance. However, vets can't prevent injuries. They can only treat injuries after ...
Monday, 07 January 2008
46. Horse Racing
(Facts - Animal Issues/Animals We Exploit)
... When horses are prematurely withdrawn from racing, it is referred to as "wastage". In the Victorian racing industry, of the foals produced by 1000 mares, only about 300 ever start in a ...
Monday, 07 January 2008
47. Animal Testing
(Facts - Cruelty Free Living/Companies)
...  Ponds Procter & Gamble Purex Q R Ralph Lauren Fragrances Redken S Sally Hansen Schick Soft Sheen Soft Soap Speed Stick Sunsilk T U Unilever V Vaseline Veet Vicks Vidal ...
Sunday, 06 January 2008
48. Animal Friendly Companies
(Facts - Cruelty Free Living/Companies)
  Excellent one-stop-shop where all products are cruelty free -Kit VIC- Chapel St, Chadstone Myer, Bourke St Mall CBD NSW- Myer Sydney, Oxford St Paddington, Chatswood QLD- Pacific Fair ...
Sunday, 06 January 2008
49. Terms & Privacy
Terms of Service Accounts Registered customers and A-List subscribers are responsible for maintaining the privacy of their own password and account details. External Websites cannot guarantee ...
Sunday, 25 November 2007
50. Hunting Animals
(Facts - Animal Issues/Animals We Wear)
... trophy hunting facilities that offer their customers the opportunity to kill exotic and native animals that are trapped within enclosures. Who Are the Victims? The animals killed in canned hunts may ...
Thursday, 15 November 2007
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