ATAAC | Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty - Ambassador for Cruelty Free Living - Jackson Turner

Jackson Turner - Brisbane, QLDJackson Turner is a 22 year old animal rights activist from Brisbane. He first became interested in animal rights when he was 15, becoming a vegetarian for the first time. However he soon found out about the cruelty and destruction involved in the production of egg and dairy products as well and made the switch to vegan from then on. This sparked him to start an animal rights group of his own in high school and to become involved with various organisations, such as: Greenpeace, The Wilderness Society, Wildcare and the RSPCA, to name a few, working to protect animals and the environment.


He is a passionate advocate for cruelty free living, leading a healthy and completely vegan lifestyle for the last 7 years. This means that he doesn't buy or consume any animal products or byproducts, or anything that has been tested on animals. Jackson believes that by showing people, through friendly example, how easy and healthy this is, he can help others make the decision to switch to more animal friendly lifestyles. As an aspiring electronic music producer he hopes that this ethos will one day work hand in hand with his music career, helping him to reach more people about making more ethical choices everyday.




  • 9 Feb 2016
    A Ballarat dog breeder, Fiona McCoy from Maryheather Kennels, hid more than 50 dogs in crates in a public park whilst an RSPCA inspection was being conducted on her property. No charges have been laid yet, and she denies operating an intensive breeding facility but the whole situation is bizarre and worrying for these working breeds.
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