ATAAC | Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty - Ambassador Against Live Animal Export - Hayley Richards

hayley_richardsHayley Richards, Adelaide, SA

Hayley Richards has always possessed a strong love and affinity for all animals. Her total perception, attitude and passion towards animal rights and equality grew much stronger four years ago after watching several confronting documentaries such as ‘Meet Your Meat’ and ‘Earthlings’.

Immediately she was convinced that the most effective and best way to avoid contributing to the animal cruelty involved in meat and dairy industry was to become a vegetarian.

Since then she is constantly trying to help animals as much as she can by making small and simple informed lifestyle changes that are cruelty-free, whilst also educating those around her.

The Live Animal Export Trade and the Factory Farming Industry are areas Hayley would like to help phase out.

She is currently studying Nutritional Medicine and would love to promote and specialise in vegetarian and vegan nutrition when she has finished.

Her love for food, health and ethicality contribute to her obsession with making yummy raw vegan cakes and chocolates which she loves to share with others in particular vegan sceptics, who end up pleasantly surprised.


  • 24 Nov 2016
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