ATAAC | Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty - Factory Farmed Animals Ambassador - Matthew Ng

matthew_ngMatthew Ng, NSW

"Being vegan and caring for animals is so important to me because it affects everything around us."

Matthew Ng is 18 years old and grew up in Saudi Arabia.

Unlike the other ATAAC ambassadors, Matthew admits he never thought about animals or how they ended up on his plate. Animals came in to his life when he fostered his first dog for two weeks. During this time he understood what an animal is, an individual just like all of us - one who could show emotion, pain and worst of all suffering.

He began taking care of other people's dogs that would have otherwise been kept in confined kennels. This led to eventually starting a business with his sister "Doggie Home Stay" in an effort to create affordable boarding for dogs.

It wasn't until an Animals Australia ad caught his attention on factory farming. He decided to research this for 3 assignments in school, which acted as a catalyst for change in his diet and his views on animals.

Matthew gradually became vegetarian and is now vegan, with the ultimate goal to become an organic raw vegan - for the animals, for the environment, for the starving children and for his health.

Matthew started his own animal rights club at his school called 'STAAR: Students Taking Action for Animal Rights' and has involved himself in campaigning against factory farmed bacon in Hungry Jack's. Matthew and fellow ATAAC Ambassador, Nami, are also on the WSPA Animal Task Force together. He declares himself as a crazy environmentalist/climate change activist and works closely with the AYCC Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

He always jumps at every chance to educate his friends and family by buying them books such as "Eating Animals" or showing them videos on factory farming.




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