ATAAC | Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty - Cruelty Free Ambassador - Claudia Kowalyk

claudia_kowalykClaudia Kowalyk, Melbourne

Claudia Kowalyk is 18 years old and has been vegetarian since birth!

She has grown up in a vegetarian household where the rights of animals – whether they be cat or cow – were always respected. Although it has always been part of her background, it wasn’t until she did her own research that she learnt the truth of factory farming and the dairy industry. This reinforced everything she’d grown up with and made her determined to protect animals even more. She has now taken the next logical step and become a vegan. She has also persuaded the rest of her family to do the same!

When she met Andrew Glover in 2010 she became part of the ATAAC team and has participated in various events and protests. Another thing that ATAAC has shown Claudia is that the beauty industry is based on horrendous animal testing practises, but that it is relatively easy to choose cruelty free products! She hopes to persuade as many people as possible that small cruelty- free changes in their lifestyle can have an enormous impact on big business.


  • 1 Mar 2015
    Great news coming out of Tasmania today. The State Government has given in-principle support for a Parliamentary Inquiry into the state's greyhound racing industry, in light of the Four Corners report. It's the only state in Australia to make moves in this direction. Please email Jeremy Rockliff, the Deputy Premier & Racing Minister to let him know he has made the right decision!
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