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brittany_bloomerBrittany Bloomer, Sydney

Brittany Bloomer is a passionate animal activist who has always cared deeply about the rights of animals. Her passion to get involved in animal welfare developed in 2009 when her cat Charlotte passed away.

Everything changed when she started helping out at a family friends dog/cat boarding. From these experiences she learnt about Death Row animals, which is the case of 250,000 cats and dogs being euthanised per year. She raised public awareness about this topic with the help from Paul Archer from Death Row Pets, as well as presenting speeches in front of her school, publishing articles in her school newsletter and joining the school charity committee to fundraise for local animal pounds.

Brittany has her own website and is the creator of a very successful blog  where she documents the animal-related activities she involves herself in as well as displays the pound pets which urgently need rehoming.

It is her dream to become a TV Presenter so she can broadcast this issue around the world.


  • 24 Nov 2016
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