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Ambassador for Cruelty Free Living

Jackson Turner

Jackson is our Ambassador for Cruelty Free Living and our representative in Brisbane. He will be reporting on all things vegetarian and vegan!

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Companion Animals Ambassador

Brittany Bloomer

Brittany Bloomer is a passionate animal activist who has always cared deeply about the rights of animals. It is her dream to become a TV Presenter so she can broadcast this issue around the world.

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Marine Animals Ambassador

Cara Ling

Cara hopes that through her role with ATAAC she can spread the word out about the slaughter of dolphins, whales and seals and other issues involving marine animals around the world.

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Cruelty Free Ambassador

Claudia Kowalyk

Claudia grew up in a vegetarian household. She hopes to persuade as many people as possible that small cruelty- free changes in their lifestyle can have an enormous impact on big business.

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Ambassador Against Live Animal Export

Hayley Richards

Hayley Richards has always possessed a strong love and affinity for all animals. The Live Animal Export Trade and the Factory Farming Industry are areas Hayley would like to help phase out.

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Circus Animals Ambassador

Jordann Crawford-Ash

Jordann has loved animals ever since she could walk. Her goal is to stop all animal circuses in Australia through raising awareness and encouraging action against this cruel industry.

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Domestic Animals Ambassador

Jordannah Galea

Jordannah has always had a passion for helping animals. She began a group against animal cruelty at her school and through her passion has been able to encourage others to do the same.

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Factory Farmed Animals Ambassador

Matthew Ng

Matthew started his own animal welfare club at his school and has involved himself in campaigning against factory farmed bacon in Hungry Jack's. He has a goal to become an organic raw vegan.

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Native Animals Ambassador

Nami Gohil

Nami is a young passionate animal rights activist who would one day like to change the way Australian animals are treated.

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  • 4 May 2016
    RIP to a great man and a really good Samaritan- Last year Mr Date grabbed headlines around the world after he volunteered to knit sweaters for little penguins on Phillip Island in the wake of an oil spill. Mr Date said he always made sure his jumpers for the tiny penguins - who can be poisoned by oil spills - were up to par. 'I like to make it without mistakes and I don't excuse myself for doing it. (But) I think there is an excuse for a person who's gone beyond the normal span of life'
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